Limits to Do-it-Yourself Home Improvement Methods

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People like to cut off from their everyday expenses as much as possible. That is why, when it comes to home improvement, Do-it-yourself has somehow become a trend and a motto for most people.

This is of course a good way to go. When you do things yourself, you get to do it just the way you want it to go. You get to adjust, change your plans along the way, be spontaneous about what to add or omit, and do a lot more.

Doing things yourself also makes you feel that you are indeed the owner of the place. Your touches and your techniques, splashed out all across the areas of the house will warm up the entire space with your love and your art.

This has been the philosophy of my husband. He loves the way he does everything in the house by himself, especially for the tricky parts that needed the power and strength of a man. Everything, from home decoration to wallpaper installment to landscaping the garden, it was all Erin. It was something he does to prove to himself and to me that he is the man of the house. He never felt the need to call up and outsource manpower services and whatnot. He even does the buying of materials by himself.

As his wife, of course I have to support his desires and decisions. However, there are limits to doing your home improvements on your own. There are just some things that require the need of experts because they have the knowledge and the specific skills to get the job done. This is not to say that people cannot do it by themselves. They could still attempt to do things their own way, but it will not be as efficient as those that are done by experts. It would also mean lesser quality that could result to repetitive fixing and cleaning on the same problem.

This is exactly what happened when Erin neglected seeking professional help for a plumbing problem that we once had in our kitchen. He went about doing things his own way, relying on the information that the internet tells him he could do. Day after day the area just became worse until his techniques no longer worked.

I finally decided to ask him to try and seek out professional help from any plumber in Anniston that friends or the internet might recommend to fix our problem for us. He was beginning to get grumpy so I had to comfort him and tell him that we can search for the most affordable one if he is concerned with the fee. He said he was not, that he just doesn’t like other people doing anything about his home. I had to tell him that it will all be for the better.

Against his will, instead of searching for fixes, he searched for a professional plumbing company and came across the this Yelp page.

Everything was fixed in no time, and I was able to use the kitchen area again, with ease.

Erin resented having to call for outside help, but when he saw the finished “product”, he was amazed at the results. Now he is just thankful he got rid of the problem before it got worse.

A Conversation With Friends – Wedding Car of the Future?

When a company announces the development of a new concept car for one of their popular lines of vehicles, this is usually an exciting time for car aficionados and hobbyists alike. While some concept cars are never built (probably because there is a flaw in their design or the design itself is too extravagant and impossible to build and produce), their design, styling cues, and technological and engineering attributes and features are oftentimes used for upcoming new models.

The same goes for people who offer wedding car services. Whenever there’s a brand new car out in the market, a lot of people take special interest in it. In fact, two friends of mine were talking about it for months now. One friend, Tom, was into wedding car services while the other, Jackie, is working with an insurance company. She’s a well-known insurance agent there. In fact, I always talk with Jackie when I had issues with dog insurance or with funeral insurance.

The three of us have been good friends since high school. When I’m not busy working in planning wedding concepts for clients, I hang out with these two for coffee and some good company.

My friend Tom is particularly excited about the Toyota Corolla Furia. The popular brand from Japan made news when they announced the development of the Furia this year. As of this moment, Toyota is selling around a million Corolla cars per year worldwide. If this is not a powerful statement towards the popularity of the Corolla brand, then I don’t know what it is.

Ever since it was introduced in 1968, the Toyota Corolla is considered as one of the most successful line of compact cars in the world. Both of my friends would know; Tom’s first wedding car in the day was a 1991 edition while Jackie is still using a Corolla.

When the Toyota Corolla was first introduced in the United States in 1984, the rest is history. More than 9 million Toyota Corollas were sold in the U.S alone. Half are still running in the streets, by the way. We’ve all seen ten generations of different Toyota Corolla types come and go, which is why the Furia is an exciting new concept for the popular Japanese vehicle company.

The Toyota Corolla Furia concept was introduced during the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month. The reason why the new concept was called “Furia” is because Toyota said that the car’s “ferocious” look and the “fury” of its design would play a big part in its name. The concept car had an extended wheelbase with short overhangs. Furthermore, the concept car has an upswept windshield, a tapered roofline and exaggerated fender flares. This gives the Furia a very unique look compared to the other Toyota Corollas of the past.

When Tom finally stopped talking about the new Toyota Furia, me and Jackie laughed. He’s always been a well-known car nut, so him talking so passionately about the things he love truly is a sight to see.