Top Wedding Gifts of 2015

The big day is coming and you’re not sure what to get your soon to be married friend? Well have no fear, we have put together what we call the ultimate list of the best wedding gift ideas for a person who has no ideas.

ae70192555c18d11cf2ed74c6a47f73dCustom Map
– This great inexpensive gift puts your married couple’s brand new life on a map, literally. With this custom map you can create a frameable poster of the place the lovely couple met, fell in love, and got engaged. You can customize, and resize the map of any location of your choosing.




ns203014t_stacked_magNine Space Bali Turkish Throw – Luxurious, stylish, and cozy all at once, these Turkish throw are Seventy by fifty-inch hand woven, made of 100% cotton. They are absorbent as your bath towels at home, but comfy as a beach blanket. The best part of this throw towel is its clean beautiful patterns and earthy tones will match almost any color scheme or space



35f20b1e0396338e83fecbceafd98decElectronic cigarette
– This is for the couples who are trying to stop smoking, but somehow can’t. A lot of smokers are unaware of what an e-cig / vape is, so many won’t even try it. If you just give one to them, they won’t have a choice but to use it. Since it was a gift I won’t hurt them to try. Giving them a good starter kit like an ego twist, with some premium e-juice or e-liquid will only set you back 30-50 dollars. Not bad for something that might help them stay healthy but still enjoy smoking.



51KX8agKYKL._SL1000_Oysteria Oyster Plate – A glossy, handcrafted showpiece made in New Orleans, was created to serve shellfish, but because of its design and style, you can use it as a decorative piece. This will make a great center piece for any kitchen.




7b230e50c47761c4929288dc9bc101b1Party Grill
– Who doesn’t love the outdoors. This tabletop party grill will get the newlyweds fired up to want to get their hands dirty. Up to 6 people can cook whatever they want at the same time. No matter if you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, this tabletop grill has room for everyone. The best part about this grill is its slender design, making it very easy to store.




d1b910734c3f89c363235ef726808441Cellar Selene Cake Dome – A good cake dome is hard to find, its also one of those things people don’t really buy themselves, but would actually love them. This is not only a useful piece its design makes it a great centerpiece as well. Once you get one of these you won’t be able to imagine being without one again.



We hope this list will help you on your quest of finding that perfect present for that perfect day.