Married Life: Moving into a New Home

I guess it is pretty obvious that one big part of marriage is making sure that you have a home to move into and start a family with.

I mean, for some, it might be OK to either live in the house of either the husband or the wife. This holds no problem if nobody else lives in the house. However, if other family members still live there, problems may arise.

It is always wiser to move out as soon as you are financially capable to move out. This minimizes family feuds and the desire to move out early becomes the drive and motivation for newly weds to ensure that when they make that decision to get married, they are ready to move into a new home of their own.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to acquire financial help in order to help out with a home mortgage. However, one has to be careful in choosing financial aid. The best way to go about this is to make sure that you hire a real estate agency like The Joey Crews Team — reputable, credible, efficient and client-centered.

You have to make sure that whoever helps you out in acquiring your dream home are people who want what is best for you, and not put you in great debt just so they can earn more from you. There is a great difference between providing quality service and providing service for the purpose of increasing business. You should hire an agent that cares more for his or her reputation than just earning millions, because then you are sure that they will not do anything to harm their reputation.

With so much things to consider when getting married, this just implies that you also have to be beyond 100 percent sure that you are ready to take the next big step with your loved ones. It is not enough to ask for someone’s hand in marriage and marry them, because there are a lot more things to marriage than just the wedding.

Also, even after purchasing and moving into a new home, there are still other things to consider like neighborhood, education for the kids, etc. Long term goals must be set when entering marriage and it should be clear that this commitment needs the cooperation of both parties – the husband and the wife.

I wish all those who plan to get married soon that they will have the proper guidance in taking this next big step of life.


Let me share with you all the story of a friend that would pretty much make us see the importance of our health as wives, and most especially, as mothers.

I have just recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl. While I was pregnant, I had to give up my work because it was my first time and I really found it difficult to deal with the pressure of the pregnancy, and I don’t want my working adding more to that. After giving birth, I was horrified that my tummy still hasn’t shrunk back to the way it was. Well, I really did not expect it to go back just like before, but I expected it to at least shrink a little. Yet, it was still very big, like I only went back to the time when I was 5 months pregnant.

The OB Gynecologist said that this was normal. That usually the stretched out tummy of a recently pregnant woman will slowly shrink in 6 months after giving birth. As I took that in, feeling dismayed that I couldn’t get my pre-pregnancy, sexy cheerleader abs back just yet, the doctor bombarded me with even more bad news. She said I should not do any physical activities of any sort nor stress myself out. I should rest for at least 3-4 months and do mundane tasks only. I was taken aback. That long without exercise? How about work? She further explained that it was my first time so longer rest should be given to the body.

So, there I was, with a flabby stomach, and with physical restrictions and unemployed. Good thing my baby girl feels so warm that even though the news bothered me badly, I’m still thankful for a healthy baby angel.

For days, friends came and went to see my precious child and everyone kept telling me to stay healthy for my baby girl.

For some reason, I disobeyed my OB. I went ahead and jogged one morning, and let me tell you, it was the worst decision ever. I almost passed out in the street. Thankfully I had enough will power to make it back to our house, where I then passed out. My husband had to leave work and head home to check on me. I was really embarrassed by my behavior and for causing trouble. Since then, I stayed away from strenuous activities and focused on my daughter.

Good thing we have a good internet and phone service, so what I did during the times when I had nothing better to do, was to browse the Internet for new recipes, for tips on parenting, for home hacks, and even, for simple yoga exercises that woman can do post-pregnancy.

If there was anything I learned that I want to share, it is the fact that while we thought that being a wife was already a big challenge, becoming a mother is a totally different kind of extra challenge. It has its own sets of demands and sacrifices, and we have to be selfless enough to understand that it is not about just us now, but more about the child and what is best for her. I had to give up on making myself feel sexy because if I get sick trying to be who I was before getting pregnant, then I would be risking my health, which would also greatly affect my daughter.