What to Give Your Security Guard Husband for Christmas

While there are still a lot more holidays to celebrate before Christmas, it does no harm to think this early about what to give your family and friends, most especially your husband.

Thinking early will not only mean that you put a lot of thought into the gift, but it could also be economical and practical. We all know that the Christmas season will mean longer hours in the malls and it takes longer for online shops to deliver as well. It also means increased traffic, higher chances of stores running out of the items that we wish to purchase, and so much more different hassles.

This is why it is sometimes a great idea to shop earlier for gifts, or at least think about what gifts to give. You can even start thinking about what gifts you want to receive and send out your wish list to family and friends.

My husband has been talking to me lately about how he wishes he had a jacket that was perfect for his body and his job. He works part time as a security personnel at a local convenience shop, and since he is just part time, he does not receive some of the benefits that other full time workers at the shop.

He particularly wishes he had the security jackets that the other guards wear. They told him that the management buys the jackets from SP-USA.

I did not check out the site immediately because I thought that such companies only sell jackets by the bulk, or for major companies who would need to provide large amounts of jackets from its personnel.

However, I saw how my husband would really want one, so I decided to check out Security and Patrol Gears. I am thankful that I got a little curious because I found out that I can order for just one jacket. This really got me excited and so I decided that this will be what I give him for Christmas. I am going to order early and hide it in that area in our closet I know he would not even think about checking out.

For now, I just make sure that he still stays warm with the current jackets he uses to go to work. I make sure he has his coffee and I make sure that he feels that I love him, this way, his thoughts would be about the warmth of the people that love him, and that he would stop thinking about that jacket so that come Christmas, I can give him something to be really happy about. I know it is not as expensive as other gifts are, but knowing that he wants it, is more than enough reason to be happy and excited for Christmas.