10 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Over time, a couple that has been married or dating for a long time may be over the idea of going out. This may be because they went out a lot in the past so they’ve been virtually everywhere in their city or the kids were born and dates were placed on the back-burner and eventually became not as interesting. It may even be that your finances aren’t great or you’re trying to save some money.

If you’re like me, however, you’re just a homebody and if you have a partner that is like that, you know you don’t have to go out to have fun. Sometimes, all you need is your spouse’s company and everything will be great.

So this weekend, instead of going out or taking care of the kids, send them over to a baby sitter and consider a few of these stay at home date ideas.

  1. Watch a sports game: it may sound boring if one of you isn’t interested in sports but it can actually be a learning experience for the other. A lot of questions may be asked but a relationship is about give and take. Knowledge is certain one thing that can be transferred using this as a date idea.
  2. Play Twister: one of the most popular games in the world. This is a party favorite which is extremely fun when played by two people. Any more than two and it becomes too hard and less fun.
  3. Drinking games: a fun way to get drunk or tispy with each other. Competition is always fun. Here are a few that are tailored for two persons.
  4. Watch each other’s liked videos on YouTube: While you massage your partner, pull up your liked videos playlist and give him/her a peek into what you like to watch online.
  5. Break a record: check out the Guinness World Records and try to find a few interesting world records you may be capable of eclipsing. Check them out here.
  6. Give each other massages: and I don’t mean the naughty type that is just to literally just foreplay. Look up some videos on YouTube about how to give a proper massage, and treat each other.
  7. Write a song or poem together: It doesn’t have to be a love song, just test your creativity and ability to work together. Who knows, you may stumble upon a hit record!

These were just a few ideas that couples can use to enjoy a night together. Of course, there are many other activities that can be done and you can actually create your own.

If you would like for me to create a part two with some more ideas, please let me know. I enjoyed writing this post.

What to Give Your Security Guard Husband for Christmas

While there are still a lot more holidays to celebrate before Christmas, it does no harm to think this early about what to give your family and friends, most especially your husband.

Thinking early will not only mean that you put a lot of thought into the gift, but it could also be economical and practical. We all know that the Christmas season will mean longer hours in the malls and it takes longer for online shops to deliver as well. It also means increased traffic, higher chances of stores running out of the items that we wish to purchase, and so much more different hassles.

This is why it is sometimes a great idea to shop earlier for gifts, or at least think about what gifts to give. You can even start thinking about what gifts you want to receive and send out your wish list to family and friends.

My husband has been talking to me lately about how he wishes he had a jacket that was perfect for his body and his job. He works part time as a security personnel at a local convenience shop, and since he is just part time, he does not receive some of the benefits that other full time workers at the shop.

He particularly wishes he had the security jackets that the other guards wear. They told him that the management buys the jackets from SP-USA.

I did not check out the site immediately because I thought that such companies only sell jackets by the bulk, or for major companies who would need to provide large amounts of jackets from its personnel.

However, I saw how my husband would really want one, so I decided to check out Security and Patrol Gears. I am thankful that I got a little curious because I found out that I can order for just one jacket. This really got me excited and so I decided that this will be what I give him for Christmas. I am going to order early and hide it in that area in our closet I know he would not even think about checking out.

For now, I just make sure that he still stays warm with the current jackets he uses to go to work. I make sure he has his coffee and I make sure that he feels that I love him, this way, his thoughts would be about the warmth of the people that love him, and that he would stop thinking about that jacket so that come Christmas, I can give him something to be really happy about. I know it is not as expensive as other gifts are, but knowing that he wants it, is more than enough reason to be happy and excited for Christmas.

Top Wedding Gifts of 2015

The big day is coming and you’re not sure what to get your soon to be married friend? Well have no fear, we have put together what we call the ultimate list of the best wedding gift ideas for a person who has no ideas.

ae70192555c18d11cf2ed74c6a47f73dCustom Map
– This great inexpensive gift puts your married couple’s brand new life on a map, literally. With this custom map you can create a frameable poster of the place the lovely couple met, fell in love, and got engaged. You can customize, and resize the map of any location of your choosing. https://www.mapiful.com/




ns203014t_stacked_magNine Space Bali Turkish Throw – Luxurious, stylish, and cozy all at once, these Turkish throw are Seventy by fifty-inch hand woven, made of 100% cotton. They are absorbent as your bath towels at home, but comfy as a beach blanket. The best part of this throw towel is its clean beautiful patterns and earthy tones will match almost any color scheme or space wayfair.com.



35f20b1e0396338e83fecbceafd98decElectronic cigarette
– This is for the couples who are trying to stop smoking, but somehow can’t. A lot of smokers are unaware of what an e-cig / vape is, so many won’t even try it. If you just give one to them, they won’t have a choice but to use it. Since it was a gift I won’t hurt them to try. Giving them a good starter kit like an ego twist, with some premium e-juice or e-liquid will only set you back 30-50 dollars. Not bad for something that might help them stay healthy but still enjoy smoking.



51KX8agKYKL._SL1000_Oysteria Oyster Plate – A glossy, handcrafted showpiece made in New Orleans, was created to serve shellfish, but because of its design and style, you can use it as a decorative piece. This will make a great center piece for any kitchen.




7b230e50c47761c4929288dc9bc101b1Party Grill
– Who doesn’t love the outdoors. This tabletop party grill will get the newlyweds fired up to want to get their hands dirty. Up to 6 people can cook whatever they want at the same time. No matter if you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, this tabletop grill has room for everyone. The best part about this grill is its slender design, making it very easy to store.




d1b910734c3f89c363235ef726808441Cellar Selene Cake Dome – A good cake dome is hard to find, its also one of those things people don’t really buy themselves, but would actually love them. This is not only a useful piece its design makes it a great centerpiece as well. Once you get one of these you won’t be able to imagine being without one again.



We hope this list will help you on your quest of finding that perfect present for that perfect day.


A Conversation With Friends – Wedding Car of the Future?

When a company announces the development of a new concept car for one of their popular lines of vehicles, this is usually an exciting time for car aficionados and hobbyists alike. While some concept cars are never built (probably because there is a flaw in their design or the design itself is too extravagant and impossible to build and produce), their design, styling cues, and technological and engineering attributes and features are oftentimes used for upcoming new models.

The same goes for people who offer wedding car services. Whenever there’s a brand new car out in the market, a lot of people take special interest in it. In fact, two friends of mine were talking about it for months now. One friend, Tom, was into wedding car services while the other, Jackie, is working with an insurance company. She’s a well-known insurance agent there. In fact, I always talk with Jackie when I had issues with dog insurance or with funeral insurance.

The three of us have been good friends since high school. When I’m not busy working in planning wedding concepts for clients, I hang out with these two for coffee and some good company.

My friend Tom is particularly excited about the Toyota Corolla Furia. The popular brand from Japan made news when they announced the development of the Furia this year. As of this moment, Toyota is selling around a million Corolla cars per year worldwide. If this is not a powerful statement towards the popularity of the Corolla brand, then I don’t know what it is.

Ever since it was introduced in 1968, the Toyota Corolla is considered as one of the most successful line of compact cars in the world. Both of my friends would know; Tom’s first wedding car in the day was a 1991 edition while Jackie is still using a Corolla.

When the Toyota Corolla was first introduced in the United States in 1984, the rest is history. More than 9 million Toyota Corollas were sold in the U.S alone. Half are still running in the streets, by the way. We’ve all seen ten generations of different Toyota Corolla types come and go, which is why the Furia is an exciting new concept for the popular Japanese vehicle company.

The Toyota Corolla Furia concept was introduced during the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month. The reason why the new concept was called “Furia” is because Toyota said that the car’s “ferocious” look and the “fury” of its design would play a big part in its name. The concept car had an extended wheelbase with short overhangs. Furthermore, the concept car has an upswept windshield, a tapered roofline and exaggerated fender flares. This gives the Furia a very unique look compared to the other Toyota Corollas of the past.


When Tom finally stopped talking about the new Toyota Furia, me and Jackie laughed. He’s always been a well-known car nut, so him talking so passionately about the things he love truly is a sight to see.

The Top Three Weirdest Wedding Celebrations

While I do love a good wedding ceremony, I also have a thing for good, crazy fun. So, when a friend of mine shared an article about some of the craziest and weirdest wedding celebrations and traditions all over the world, I realized that I just had to go on a trip to experience it firsthand!

The list my friend gave me was a long one, but I decided on choosing the top three wedding celebrations which I personally think are just plain crazy and weird. Of course, I had to make a lot of preparations on my own. Saving money was the first thing on my mind, so I had to cut back on useless expenses. Constant communication was also very important for my business, so I got myself the Broadconnect.com added value VOIP. I’ve been using them for a long time, so I know that they’re reliable.

My trip is scheduled a few months from now, but if you’re curious as to which wedding celebrations are the weirdest, then I’d be glad to give you a sneak peek. Who knows? You might get inspired to do the same thing that I’m doing right now!


Blackening the Bride – In Scotland, the locals believe that marriage is not just a bed of roses. You also need to have the guts and the patience to wade in through the thorns as well! So, in order to celebrate the happiest day in a woman’s life, the bride’s friends and relatives join together by putting everything that they consider nasty on a bucket and then they throw it all over her. Some of the common items used for this weird celebration is curdled milk, dead fish, tar, mud, flour, spoiled food and others. If you’re asking why they’re doing this, the nasty bucket represents all the problems that marriage has to offer. Thus, the act of throwing the bucket of nastiness on the bride symbolizes her preparation to tackle all the problems and issues that married life has to offer.

Marrying a Tree – In India, some brides are literally considered as tree killers. That’s because if a woman in India is born when Saturn and Mars are under the same 7th house, they’re labeled as “Mangliks” or “cursed”. If a man marries a Manglik woman, everyone believes that the husband will die an early death. To prevent this from happening, the girl is married of to a tree first and then the tree is cut down to break the curse.

I have to wonder though how many trees were cut down already because of this practice. I guess it also depends on how many girls become cursed when they are born.

Beating down the groom’s feet – Not exactly sure why men in Korea do this, but apparently it is to help the groom’s vigor during his first night together with the bride. His friends literally tie the helpless young groom’s feet and they start beating his feet with tree branches or sticks. Fortunately, the Koreans don’t exactly beat the groom’s feet too hard; oftentimes, the ceremony is more fun than cruel. Also, the whole process doesn’t take too long.