The Top Three Weirdest Wedding Celebrations

While I do love a good wedding ceremony, I also have a thing for good, crazy fun. So, when a friend of mine shared an article about some of the craziest and weirdest wedding celebrations and traditions all over the world, I realized that I just had to go on a trip to experience it firsthand!

The list my friend gave me was a long one, but I decided on choosing the top three wedding celebrations which I personally think are just plain crazy and weird. Of course, I had to make a lot of preparations on my own. Saving money was the first thing on my mind, so I had to cut back on useless expenses. Constant communication was also very important for my business, so I got myself the added value VOIP. I’ve been using them for a long time, so I know that they’re reliable.

My trip is scheduled a few months from now, but if you’re curious as to which wedding celebrations are the weirdest, then I’d be glad to give you a sneak peek. Who knows? You might get inspired to do the same thing that I’m doing right now!


Blackening the Bride – In Scotland, the locals believe that marriage is not just a bed of roses. You also need to have the guts and the patience to wade in through the thorns as well! So, in order to celebrate the happiest day in a woman’s life, the bride’s friends and relatives join together by putting everything that they consider nasty on a bucket and then they throw it all over her. Some of the common items used for this weird celebration is curdled milk, dead fish, tar, mud, flour, spoiled food and others. If you’re asking why they’re doing this, the nasty bucket represents all the problems that marriage has to offer. Thus, the act of throwing the bucket of nastiness on the bride symbolizes her preparation to tackle all the problems and issues that married life has to offer.

Marrying a Tree – In India, some brides are literally considered as tree killers. That’s because if a woman in India is born when Saturn and Mars are under the same 7th house, they’re labeled as “Mangliks” or “cursed”. If a man marries a Manglik woman, everyone believes that the husband will die an early death. To prevent this from happening, the girl is married of to a tree first and then the tree is cut down to break the curse.

I have to wonder though how many trees were cut down already because of this practice. I guess it also depends on how many girls become cursed when they are born.

Beating down the groom’s feet – Not exactly sure why men in Korea do this, but apparently it is to help the groom’s vigor during his first night together with the bride. His friends literally tie the helpless young groom’s feet and they start beating his feet with tree branches or sticks. Fortunately, the Koreans don’t exactly beat the groom’s feet too hard; oftentimes, the ceremony is more fun than cruel. Also, the whole process doesn’t take too long.